Amuka Featured on Public Enemy's New Album!

Nov. 19th, 2012 at 5:22pm by Tse-Mach Washington

W ell known hip hop masters Public Enemy have released a new album entitled "The Evil Empire of Everything". Amuka has lent her soulful vocals and songwriting to the song titled "Everything" featured on the album! She's quite excited about the album and hopes people will take the chance to listen to this great collaboration. The album is packed with talent, featuring the likes of Ziggy Marley, Henry Rollins, The Impossebulls and Tom Morello! Check the track list is below:


  • 01 - The Evil Empire Of...
  • 02 - Don't Give Up The Fight (Feat. Ziggy Marley)
  • 03 - 1 (PEace)
  • 04 - 2 (resPEct) Spit Your Mind (Part I) (Feat. Davy DMX)
  • 05 - Beyond Trayvon (Feat. NME SUN)
  • 06 - ...Everything (Feat. Gerald Albright & Introducing Sheila Brody)
  • 07 - 31 Flavors Spit Your Mind (Part II) (Feat. Rampage)
  • 08 - Riotstarted! (Feat. Henry Rollins & Tom Morello)
  • 09 - Notice (Know This)
  • 10 - ICEbreaker (Feat. The Impossebulls, Sekreto, Kyle Jason & True Math)
  • 11 - Fame Spit Your Mind (Part III)
  • 12 - Broke Diva
  • 13 - Say It Like It Really Is Spit Your Mind (Part IV)

Check out more about it here: Public Enemy-Evil Empire of Everything

Get it here : Public Enemy-Evil Empire of Everything on Itunes!